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Saturday, January 12, 2008


Another John Carpenter related post. This is a poster I've been building up for an open submission project SUPERTRASH . This evolved quite a long way from the original concept, but I like this much better. Originally, I was just going to do a big 'alien' face, with THEY at the top and LIVE at the bottom. But I think that may have been too simple. This has a little more content to it.

I'm not positive yet if this is the final FINAL version. I'm going to let it seep for a day or two and take another look at it to make sure it's 'done'. It's kinda like baking for me, even if the oven buzzer goes off, you still have to check it and maybe add a few minutes.


Edowyn Vazkez said...

This is one of my favorite pieces of yours. Makes me want to go rent the movie.

Jon Sperry said...

You should rent it, then buy it, then buy an extra copy! Such a great movie.