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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Vinyl graphics

I figured this was worth a post. I designed this partial vinyl car wrap at work for 'Timberman's Tree Service'. The main body wrap is around 12' x 7', it's pretty big. I didn't do much on the actual install, but the overall design was me.


Scott Watanabe said...

Boo! I cant believe your on blogspot. Your work is kicknass and taking names. So long story long I found this because I was updating my itunes album artwork and randomly tried to find something for you album back in the day. funny huh. I hope you and heather are doing well.

ps. wtf were you at wondercon in SF? cuz that would suck cuz i was there as well.

David DeGrand said...

This truck is freakin' cool! It would all but dissapear if driving through the woods, really cool design. I really dig your cartoon illustrations also, your Wondercon promo is FANTASTIC! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog too, I'll be checking out yours to see what you have next.