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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Diseasey Fly

Is 'diseasey' a word?.. I don't think so.. but 'Fly' seemed like a boring title. I loosened up a bit for this one. I did a quick sketch and loose inks using a brush pen (The kinda brush pen that uses real ink though, not those crappy foamy brush pens). I have one from Pentel that works well and kinda gives the result of a Sumi brush. Plus I can ink with it while sitting in bed.. always an added bonus. I like the ink work I did on it better than the color treatment. The colors came out alright though. They were done in Photoshop.. I've been meaning to do more coloring with watercolor or acrylics, but didn't get around to it this time. I think I could get some more depth and texture using paint.. next time maybe.

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