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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wordstock Feature - Portland Mercury

A few weeks ago, Art Director Suji Allen at The Portland Mercury asked if I'd like to do a feature piece for the upcoming Wordstock Festival. The article would need about 10 author portraits with some extra character to them. After a few drafts, I decided on a style that I thought would work well, and some notes on what I'd like to do for each author and proposed it. Suji and the Arts Editor were really into it and had some great additional suggestions. I started with the Charles Yu illo and they were still really into it so I continued with the rest. Heather greatly contributed to these with simple, bold and loose coloring. They liked the look so much, they decided to run one (Zachary Schomburg) on the cover! I always enjoy doing work for the Mercury and it was nice to have a much larger than usual contribution to this issue. Below are the 10 author illustrations. 

 Isaac Marion

Diana Abu-Jaber

 Steve Almond

 Jennifer Egan

 Anne Enright

 Lauren Oliver

 Michael Ondaatje

 Zachary Schomburg (also used as cover art)

 Daniel Woodrell

Charles Yu

Here are a few photos of the printed paper. It's a great, balanced layout put together by the Merc:

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